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Short-term study visa UK




We provide immigration advice and guidance to help your Short-Term Study visa application get the best chance of success

Want to study an English language course in the UK but not sure what the requirements are?

We've put together a guide and laid out everything you need to know about the visa application process and short-term study visa requirements

Who needs to apply for Short-term Study (English language) visa

The Short-term Student Visa (English Language) is a route for a person aged 16 and over who wants to study an English language course in the UK for between 6 and 11 months. This is an unsponsored route, but the cousre provider has to be  an accredited institution.

A  person who wants to study an English language course of less than 6 months with an accredited institution, should apply for a STANDARD VISITOR visa except those who are not on visa national list.  

What are Short-term Study (English language) visa requirements

  • you are aged 16 or over;

  • you have been accepted onto an English language course at an accredited institution that will last no longer than 11 months;

  • you have paid your course fees or have enough funds to pay your course fees;

  • you intend to leave the UK within 30 days of the end of your English language course, or at the end of 11 months, whichever is sooner;

  • you can maintain and accommodate yourself adequately without receiving public funds;

  • you have enough funds to meet the cost of your return or onward journey from the UK;

  • you have the consent of your parents, have made travelling and living arrangementsif you are under 18 years old

You DO NOT have intentions:

  • to study for longer than 11 months

  • to study at an academy or state-funded school

  • to make the UK your main home

  • to work in the UK or engage in any business or professional activities in the UK. 

When to apply

Apply from outside the UK:

You need to be outside thte UK to apply for this visa. 

The earliest you can apply is 3 months before you travel to the UK.

It will take up to 3 weeks to receive the decision on your Short-term Student visa application

Conditions for Short-Term Study (English language) visa holders

Short-term Student visa holders: 


  • are not allowed  to work (either paid or unpaid job)

  • can volunteer but may not do voluntary work might

  • need to register with the police

  • are not entitled to receive public funds

  • are not permitted to switch into another visa route

  • are not permitted to extend this visa

  • are not eligible to bring a dependants (partners, children)

To discuss your UK Short-Term Student Visa application please contact our experts on +44 7513621625 or schedule consultation below.

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