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Points requiredfor Graduate visa


We provide immigration advice and guidance to help your Graduate visa application get the best chance of success

The UK graduate visa is a great opportunity for international students to work and live in the UK after completing their studies. This visa allows them to stay in the country for two or three years and look for work or start their own businesses. With this visa, international students can gain valuable experience in the UK and explore career options.

Who needs to apply for Graduate visa

The Graduate visa route (replaced Post-Study Work visa also known as PSW visa) is designed for international students successfully completing UK bachelor’s degree-level course or above, who wants to work, look for work, work as a self-employed or start a business in the UK. This visa allows to stay in the UK for a fixed period of either 2 or 3 years, depending on a level of study

With this visa, international students can work full-time or part-time, start their own business or become self-employed and have access to resources such as job search services, networking opportunities and more.

What are Graduate visa requirements

  • You have to be already in the UK 

  • You have to hold a valid Student visa or Tier 4 (General) on the day of your application

  • You have successfully completed the qualification specified on the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) linked to your current Student Visa

  • You have completed a course of study for which you have been (or are due to be) awarded a UK bachelor’s or postgraduate degree, or one of a number of professional qualifications at degree level of above (i.e. a bachelor’s or masters degree, or a PhD or other doctoral qualification, or any one of the prescribed professional qualifications)

  • You must have held permission as a Student for a minimum period (the relevant period) which depends on a total length of your course. 

  • Your education provider (university or college) has told the Home Office you’ve successfully completed your course
  • you need to be awarded 70 points in total to make a successful application 

When to apply for Graduate visa

Apply from inside the UK (switch or extend)

IYou can apply as soon as your education provider (such as your university or college) has told the Home Office that you’ve successfully completed the course you took with your Student or Tier 4 (General) student visa. You do not have to wait until you’ve graduated or have been given a certificate.

You must apply before your Student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa expires. 

It will take up to 8 weeks to receive the decision on your Grauate visa application

Points requirement for Graduate visa

  • ​70 ponts: Successful course completion (Successful completion requirement, Qualification requirement, Study in the UK requirement)

To discuss your UK Graduate Visa application please contact our Student Visa lawyers on +44 7513621625 or schedule consultation below.

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